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Riley Howsden

A proposal to limit “Food Decision Fatigue” along with other applications for personalized understanding in the meal-kit industry

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Simulating an Optimal Blackjack Counting Strategy

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How details from a specific trophy for an exclusive PS5 game unveils the number of consoles collecting dust.

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You can do anything you set your LinkedIn title to

Hands-on Tutorials

An algorithmic approach for box services with items that have limited inventory and vary in utility across users.

A deep dive into the dependencies that prevent the game mode from being completely fair with suggestions on alleviating the issue.

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Four reasons NOT to be excited by clustering algorithms.

Assessing the value that personalization brings to your players.

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Assessing the value that personalization brings to players.

What is a rotating store?

Riley Howsden

Half stack data scientist working in the gaming industry; long-term skeptic of all data outputs — unless there is a meme attached, then it must be true.

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